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Working since 1995

NanoTech Computers started in West Auckland by Joseph Morgan as a hobby fixing computers, printers & modems for family and friends. NanoTech became cutting edge when we launched our 1st BBS called Collectors Kingdom. We had 3 nodes all running 33.6 Netcomm Modems and a membership of 120 people at our peak.


Staying current

We have always worked to stay on the cusp of technology by upskilling ourselves on current technologies whether it be hardware, software or security.

Having this approach has kept NanoTech Computers providing the best Services & Support to our customers time and time again.

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Why choose us

Always deliver more than expected – Larry Page

When you decide to work with us, you get so much more than your average service & support centres from basic repairs and questions, through to complex network and security setups and configurations.

Everything we do at NanoTech Computers is geared towards providing the best value to our customers with a unique and amazing experience. We provide more for our customers where we can to show them how much we care.


We aim to provide you with an experience that will not only have you completely satisfied with the service or support you have received that you will happily recommend us.


All of our technicians have been trained in the necessary skills to work on your requests that will give you confidence that you have the best at hand to resolve any problems you may have.


NanoTech Computers  values not only your time but also your requests, so providing quality service, support and hardware is one of our base requirement and core values.


NanoTech Computers is so confident in the work that we complete, that we guarantee all the work that we do so if a fault reoccurs we will fix it at extra cost.

Our statistics so far

  • 1115 Repaired computers
  • 3077 Repaired keyboards
  • 7210 Recovered data
  • 3657 Replaced monitors
  • 8134 Repaired laptops

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

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